How To Put On Shapewear in just minutes

Tips for Trying on Different Types of Shapers

If you're trying on a new shaper for the first time, it is probably apparent that this is not your regular undergarment. Putting it on correctly is key to experiencing the best results (and the most comfort). You'll want to be careful that you aren't stretching or pulling the garment too hard, although it will be snug if it is doing its job right.

Before trying anything on, ensure you ordered the right size. A garment that is too small will be complicated to get on and won't provide the desired results. On the other hand, a garment that fits will firmly hold you in place, without pinching, for a flattering finish.

To ensure you're getting the results you want, put shapers on over the top of panties and a light tank top, and then try on some attire over it.


Always step into a slip, even a full-body one. You will feel stuck and frustrated if you pull it over your head. Instead, shimmy it up into position a little at a time. Many of our Shapewear Slips have silicone lining that should keep the skirt in place once it is on.


Make sure any zippers or clasps are completely undone. As with slips, you always want to step into bodysuits. If the garment has thigh/leg coverage, it may be easier to start in a sitting position and pull up the material one leg at a time. Once you're into the legs, stand up and pull up the rest of the garment. Fastening and adjusting zippers, clasps and straps might be tricky the first time; you may need some assistance getting the right fit.


Cinchers & Waist Trainers

Wrap the waist trainer high around your torso to hold the bottom clasps just below the bust. Then, fasten from the bottom up, pulling the cincher down around your waist as you go. Start with the looser fit; once you get the hang of it, or if your waistline shrinks, you can start fastening with a tighter fit.


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