How To Care For Your Shapewear

Cleaning sensitive garments or keeping them clean and neat is one of the most challenging things we find, even if it's about shapewear which is considered underwear. Maxdiel Slim knows that how well you care for your shapewear is what will keep your body garments effective for longer. 

Here's a list of tips and techniques for caring for your shapewear.

Tip #1. Always Hand-washing your shapewear!

The garment should not be washed in the washing machine under any circumstances, as this will surely damage the faja; it must be hand-washed. 


Tip #2. Always use delicate detergent—or baby shampoo.

Regular laundry detergent is too harsh for shaper garments. Most brands will cause damage and discoloration to the fabric. Always use delicate focused soap and gentle detergent to keep your shapewear clean without wearing it out. 

Tip #3. Do NOT, under any circumstances, use dryers.

Dryers are already highly discouraged for some regular clothing items. Your body garment? NOT! If you want to preserve the garment's fabric, shape, compression, and elasticity, stick to air drying.

Tip #4. Prevent infection by cleaning your shapewear constantly surgery after surgery.

There are many things to remember when cleaning your shapewear after going through a post-operative process. First, shapewear is mandatory to wear daily, and cleaning it should be treated very carefully as it becomes very common for the shapewear to end up with the residue of blood, sweat, or other fluids that end up being difficult to remove. Even worse, sometimes it is impossible to clean it without affecting the shapewear. 

Tip #5. Use Lysol Disinfectant spray to kill all the bacteria after every use.

After Using your shapewear, spray it with Disinfectant Spray to kill all the bacteria.

Tip #6. Store your shapewear in a cool, dark place.

Avoid exposing your shapewear to heat or light as much as possible. Once it's been fully air-dried, bring your shaper indoors and store it flat in a drawer for best results. Again, higher temperatures can negatively affect the garment's shape, so you want to avoid them as much as possible.

Tip #7. Bonus hack use baby shampoo!

here’s a neat laundry hack for you: use baby shampoo! It’s gentle, effective, and fairly easy to find. Just make sure you rinse the shaper out completely before letting it dry.

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